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Are you looking to buy Cast Iron Manhole Covers, Ductile Iron Chamber Covers or Cement Manhole Covers at Factory Prices from the leading Chamber Covers Manufacturer in India?

Do you want a trustworthy Manhole Cover Manufacturer who can supply CI Manhole Covers & SFRC Chamber Covers at competitive prices?

Are you looking for a variety of Chamber Covers Covers ranging from Ductile Iron Manhole Covers to Recessed Manhole Covers under the same roof?

We can help you save anywhere between 5% & 70% of your costs when buying Manhole Covers – Cast Iron, Ductile Iron & Cement Chamber Covers.

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    If the price you are paying will justify the quality of the manhole covers you receive?

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    If a cheaper alternative chamber cover is available for the same requirement?

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    If the CI Manhole Covers can withstand the load and not break leading to a loss of approximately Rs. 8,64,000, along with lawsuits, legal issues & huge fines.

  • RCC Drain Cover

    Will the RCC Chamber Cover and the Recessed Manhole Covers provide the right aesthetic appeal you seek?

We can help you save upto 70% on your Ductile Iron Manhole Covers, Cast Iron Manhole Covers & SFRC Manhole Covers

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4 Horrible Reasons a CI Manhole Cover, Ductile Iron Manhole Cover & Cement Chamber Cover buyer loses money & how to avoid them

Poor design with inflated weight: The most important characteristic of a ductile iron or cast iron manhole cover and frame is its load bearing capacity. Chamber Cover manufacturers often purposefully design heavier covers so that more material is used, and as a result the price is higher. This lack of efficient design can result in losses to the tune of Rs. 1,40,000 per truck.

Rocking frame and cover leading to replacement: Improper grinding and machining of the manhole cover and frame seating area leads to a rocking tendency of the inspection. Every time a vehicle passes over it, a loud clanking sound is heard. Neighbourhood residents and authorities often force suppliers to replace these faulty products. Along with the monetary loss, an irreparable hit is taken by your reputation.

Brittle Covers Leading to Breakage: Manhole covers that have passed the load test in the factory end up breaking under the load of vehicles on the streets. This is because of poor metal chemistry that makes them very brittle leading to sudden breakage under repeated load. The replacement of each cover can cost anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to 70,000, apart from the lawsuits and legal trouble you might face.

Poor Paint Quality & Rust: While the manufacturer may show great finish in the photos, often times when the castings reach the final destination after a long truck journey, large sections are found rusted. This significantly reduces the life of the castings leading to early failure and need for replacement.

4 Facts How BIC’s CI Chamber Covers & RCPC Manhole Covers Can Help You Improve Your Profits
Superior Italian Design
Our team of experienced engineers & technicians continually improve the design and optimize the weights of our manhole covers. We promise we can save you anywhere between 5% to 70% of your present cost on chamber covers.
Competitive Pricing
We are equipped with a High Pressure Vertical Moulding Machine that is ideal for manufacturing lightweight ductile iron manhole covers. This enables us to maintain high yields on castings as compared to traditional horizontal moulding techniques. In turn, we are able to pass on these savings to you.
No Rust on Castings
The most important aspect of painting is the surface preparation of the manhole cover. All our chamber covers are shot blasted thus preparing the surface for an excellent paint finish that does not wear off easily.
Grinding & Setting
All BIC brand man hole covers are grinded and set to ensure not a single cover and frame are rocking, thus helping you implement a “fit & forget” solution.
We can help you save up to 70% of your costs when buying Cast Iron Manhole Covers, Ductile Iron Manhole Covers & Concrete Chamber Covers
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